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Benefits of a VPN and why VPN is used

Virtual Private Network(VPN) is incredibly popular today, but not for the reasons it was created. Initially, VPNs served only as a means of communicating with business networks remotely or allowing you to access a business network from your home.

Most people today are using a VPN to torrent or bypassing geographic restrictions to watch content from different countries from various apps such as Netflix.

In some cases, they can still be very useful as a means of protecting yourself at a public Wi-Fi, but there are other uses too for a VPN.


What is VPN?

The VPN hides your IP address by rerouting it through a server that is running on a remote network. If you use a VPN, then the VPN server becomes the source of your data while you surf online.

This means that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and other third parties cannot discover which websites you visit or which data you send and receive over the Internet.

VPNs act as filters that transform all your data into crap. It is unlikely that anyone would use your data even if they were to obtain it.

But, how does a VPN work?

In virtual private networking, you connect to your host site via an interrupted service. This can help you surf the web safely, as it provides privacy and data security. By using a VPN correctly, you can protect your device against prying eyes and keep connections secure.

Essentially, a VPN enables you to access the internet using the internet connection of another computer (called a server) located somewhere on the Internet.

It will therefore appear as if the server is located in a different country, and you can have access to things that you are not able to access.

Why do you need a VPN?

Connecting to the internet is usually set up by your Internet service provider. Your IP address is used to identify you. In most cases, network traffic is routed through your Internet service provider’s servers.

Despite your ISP’s features being reliable, it may share your browsing history with advertisers, the government, or any third parties. Cybercriminals can also target ISPs: if they are hacked, your personal information can be compromised.

This is particularly important if you regularly connect to a public network. Some might be able to steal data from you, including passwords, personal data, payment information, or your entire identity.

VPN explained: In Detail

VPNs enable you to establish a secure connection between your computer and the Internet. Through the use of a VPN, your data traffic is sent through an encrypted virtual tunnel. The following are some of the advantages of this:

  • The IP address and location of your computer will no longer be visible to just anyone on the internet.
  • The encrypted tunnel will prevent hackers and cybercriminals from accessing your device, and your device will be less vulnerable to attacks as a result.
  • Your internet experience will be improved: when you use different IP addresses, you will have access to websites and online services that would otherwise be blocked.

Are you interested in using a VPN?

NordVPN, SurfShark, and MacPaw’s ClearVPN are some of the recommended companies. These VPNs have a ton of options, excellent security, and are widely used.

In addition to security, it has a lot of other benefits. You can use a VPN in your home or business for these reasons:

  1. Secure and Safe

One of the biggest reasons to use a VPN is for security. A secure encrypted tunnel is established between your device and the host site, which ensures that data is protected from potential hackers or big companies, or whoever is trying to take advantage of you.

It is impossible for anyone, including your internet service provider (ISP), to access or monitor your personal information.

  1. Anonymity

On the Internet, VPN servers work as proxies. VPN services enable their users to browse the internet from a variety of different locations.

In that manner, all traffic is directed to and from the server, and your location and identity remain concealed, even to the host site. Using a VPN will protect your identity even if you end up on a malicious website.

Many VPN providers claim to provide complete anonymity. Some offer their services for free, and others charge a small fee for their services. NordVPN is a reputable provider of secure options that are superior to free ones.

You should be aware that some service providers may track your behavior, but this information is not shared with third parties. You will never be able to see any records of your activity.

  1. Breaking Geo-Restrictions

Some countries face viewer censorship, which sometimes means that someone is controlling the internet. Content on regional websites may not always be accessible from everywhere.

Many websites and services provide content that can only be accessed by a small number of people in certain regions. To determine your location, regular connections use regional servers in the country.

On the Internet, most material is geo-restricted. It can, therefore, be viewed only by users residing in certain geographical locations, while it is restricted to users from different locations.

VPNs that bypass Internet filters and blocked sites are being used by users.

  1. Savings on Shopping

It might have come to your attention that VPN software can help you save thousands of dollars. The aim is to find cheaper subscription rates for software, streaming services, and other apps and programs.

When you use a VPN, you may also find that airfare, car rental, and hotel rates are lower.

Customers from different countries have different price lists on many online shopping sites. Similarly, airfares are very expensive. Software, streaming subscriptions, and airline booking rates vary based on location.

This will enable you to obtain the best rates and deals.

When you are already aware of the subsidized rates for a particular country or state, you can choose the server of that country and save both your time and money.

The costs for long-term VPN services offered by NordVPN are as low as $3.49/month, which is a very small price to pay for complete privacy.

Ultimately, even a modest saving of 5-10 dollars on everything will add up quite a bit. However, you might want to reconsider using a VPN service if you are looking to save a substantial amount of money.

  1. How to use Public Wi-Fi?

The use of public Wi-Fi is mostly free and readily available, but it is subject to several threats including data breaches and malware attacks.

In this scenario, VPN services provide you with a safe and secure tunnel for your online activities and also allow you to conceal your identity when using public Wi-Fi networks.

Before providing any private information online, you should always verify the level of encryption that your VPN offers.

  1. Protected Data Sharing

Using a VPN, you can share information with others over long periods of time without worrying about it being stolen or exposed. Your company’s network may contain important files that need to be accessed if you work remotely.

A secure connection is necessary for this type of information for security reasons. Often, a VPN connection is necessary to gain access to the network.

To minimize the chance of data leakage, VPN services connect to private servers and employ encryption technologies.

  1. Better performance

Besides providing outstanding online security, a VPN can also improve key aspects such as bandwidth and efficiency. Users of the Internet will never argue against improved performance.

Some Disadvantages of using VPN

A VPN is the best method of protecting your privacy and security online. But a few disadvantages of using VPN are as follows:

  • Speed is the biggest setback for using a VPN.

The reason being it depends upon the location of the server which results in slower connection speeds. But if you are not playing a game or do not need a high download and upload speed for the work, then you will not face those issues.

Luckily, most good and recommended VPNs feature multiple servers at every location, and you generally don’t have to worry about server load with premium services.

  • Frequent disconnections

You will likely continue to use the Internet believing your information is safe when it is no longer safe if you are unaware of this change. However, most VPNs have a feature called a kill switch that can address this issue.

If the Internet connection drops, this feature basically blocks all Internet traffic and only allows it to continue working when the connection is restored.

If the Internet connection drops, this feature basically blocks all Internet traffic and only allows it to continue working when the connection is restored.

  • Such services are also illegal in some countries.

Many sites claim to operate in these places due to their anonymity, privacy, or encryption. The risk is however one that you may not be willing to take, given that the associated punishments can often be quite severe.

  • Some online services have the capability of detecting VPN usage.

Generally, they can block access to a site if they believe the user is using a VPN. One of these services is Netflix, which goes out of its way to restrict access to users connected to a virtual private network.

Certain gaming companies have also used certain software to detect VPN usage, which could result in a ban.

Some of the best VPNs

NordVPN Pricing & Features

As with NordVPN, the only difference is in the duration. If you sign up for a longer subscription period, the monthly fee will be reduced.


With all plans, you can access nearly 5500 servers in over 190 countries worldwide, and you can use one subscription on six devices at the same time. You can try any plan and you get a 30-day money-back guarantee buffer, allowing you to try NordVPN.

NordVPN’s pricing and plans

Right now NordVPN has a limited-time savings. You can get the 2-year deal with 3 free months at 72% off for only $3.30 monthly.

• 1-month plan: You can get this plan for $11.95/mo.

• 1-year plan: You can get this for only $4.92/mo.

• 2-year plan + 3 free months: This subscription costs $3.30/mo.

NordVPN offers a range of different payment options. Subscribers can pay for their subscriptions by credit card, Amazon Pay, GPay, etc. Additionally, customers can pay with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, and Monero.

Fastest VPN
Strict no-logs policy
Uninterrupted streaming
Use one subscription for 6 devices
Split Tunneling
Block Ads and Malware
VPN Servers Everywhere
Dedicated IP
Double Protection
Browser Extensions
Safe to use
No data Leaks

Surfshark Pricing & Features

During Surfshark’s free trial period for Android, iOS, and Mac, you will have the opportunity to test out the service. Similarly, we would prefer more time and Windows support, but it’s unfair to complain when many companies don’t even offer a trial period.

• 1-month plan: You can get this plan for $12.95/mo.
• 6-month plan: You can get this for only $6.49/mo.
• 2-year plan: This subscription costs $2.49/mo.

Besides credit cards, Surfshark supports PayPal, cryptocurrencies, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and Ali Pay.

If, after all this, you decide to sign up and the company is not for you, you are protected by a 30-day money back guarantee.


Strict no-logs policy

Kill switch

Private DNS & leak protection

Camouflage Mode


Block Ads and Malware

NoBorders mode

Hide your IP

AES-256 Encryption

Secure Protocols Pricing & Features

Even though it is a very good VPN service, is little bit expensive. There is no free account with 10GB/mo. limit. There is, however, a completely free VPN service provided without registration, payment information, or advertising.

• 1-month plan: You can get this plan for $12.95/mo.
• 1-year plan: You can get this for only $8.32/mo.
• 2-year + 2 months’ plan: This subscription costs $4.99/mo. Try Hide.Me offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on its service.

2000 Worldwide Servers
IP Leak Protection
No-logs policy
Split Tunneling
Strong AES-256 encryption
Strictly No Logs
10 device connections, even Xbox, PS3, etc.
Best Privacy Protection
Secure VPN protocols

PayPal and credit cards are accepted by Also other ways such as SEPA, SOFORT, Bank Transfer, Cash2Code and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Monero, Horizen, Dash, Ripple, Zcash, Dogecoin, Neo, Peercoin, PIVX, Verge, Tron, BitTorrent).

MacPaw ClearVPN Pricing & Features

ClearVPN can be quite expensive. It’s cheaper than, but without the extra features. You’ll find that its annual and two-year plans are pricey as well.

While ClearVPN does include a free version to try it out, it’s very limited. Also MacPaw itself have some of the best softwares that you can try here.

• 1-month plan: You can get this plan for $12.95/mo.
• 1-year plan: You can get this for only $4.95/mo.
• 2-year plan: This subscription costs $3.56/mo.

However, its best deal is the two-year premium plan, which costs $85.65, which is only $24.5 more than the annual plan.

Still, when you consider that a premium VPN, such as NordVPN, offers a two-year plan for half the price, you will think twice getting this plan.

It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for products bought directly from website MacPaw.


Access your content

Use one subscription for 6 devices

Privacy on the go

Protect your data

Strong AES-256 encryption

Ease of use

PayPal and credit cards are accepted by MacPaw. However, no options for cryptocurrency payments.

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