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BlueHost The fastest web host available

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When your website run offers and deals or limited time promo codes, etc. it can cause traffic peaks that are much higher than your site usually gets.

If the performance of your website/s fall which can lead to crashing of websites or even losing the data.


That’s why we are going to do a review on BlueHost features, “BlueHost The fastest web host available”. The pricing starts with $2.95/mo with 3 years plan.

You can prepare your website by estimating the impact the traffic will have on the hosting.

But what if your hosting provider is not ready for this. Study shows, even a 3-second delay can cost you 50% of your traffic.

So you need to have a truly webspeed performance oriented hosting provider.

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No.1 Rated Hosting

There are a lot of variables also that may impact the performance of your website, and subsequently the server load. In this post, we will learn how to get good hosting for your website/s.

Selecting a reliable web host that is fast.

A number of excellent hosting providers are capable of providing fast web hosting.

For you to uncover these gems, you must first understand why speed is important, what to look for, and what is considered fast.

There are a lot of cheap offers coming from lots of hosting providers, which try to lure you into getting their plan.

But in truth, they never give the specification or hide them, even though you fall into their trap, and that’s what that they look out for.

What is the fastest WordPress hosting for you?

Make sure their server location corresponds to your own

Check the server locations of the provider after you have chosen a company. Thus, you need to determine whether it’s close enough to the geographic location of the target audience. 

In comparison with other investments, this aspect gives you a better return. Companies don’t give server locations during sign-up, you can call hosting provider customer care for that.

Get a plan that works for you

When you have decided which company suits all your needs, you will have to choose a plan that will fit your website. 

Your plans should be based on what will work best for your audience, your budget, and your objectives.

Suitable for beginners

Some of the web hosts we have reviewed can only be considered the best if you are a knowledgeable user.

 However, BlueHost is an excellent choice for beginners.

It is intuitive and user-friendly. Moreover, the cPanel control panel makes BlueHost even more user-friendly.

cPanel makes it easy for beginners to install and use WordPress. It usually only requires a few clicks to complete the task.

There are alternatives for WordPress to create a website with other builder tools such as Weebly, Joomla, or Drupal. Using the drag and drop feature, you can easily design.

Additionally, BlueHost includes features for advanced users who wish to integrate their own code into their sites.

How does speed affect performance?

Clearly, there is a reason why so many providers are quick to claim that their products are the fastest on the market. They are well aware that speed has a significant impact on the success of a website.

Several factors such as search engine ranking and user experience are affected.

What happens if you exceed usage?

The hosting provider sends an email to your account on file asking you to reduce usage if they found that the account’s bandwidth or disk space utilization is high.

If not followed as per terms they can terminate your hosting account, and you will lose all your data and the hard work done on your website.

So make sure you choose the best hosting provider for wordpress.

Suppose you take a cheap single shared hosting plan and within six months you get an email that your site performance is low.

And will ask to upgrade to business hosting which handles 100 websites, which costs 4 times higher.


To not fall into this trap, we will be looking at a detailed review of one of my favorite and best hosting providers.
Results of BlueHost’s Speed Test

You should choose a fast hosting company for your website to ensure that it runs smoothly. Due to this, we tested the speed of BlueHost by creating a test site.

Using WordPress and the Neve theme, I tested my website. Content, including images, was not touched. 

I always consider speed test using Pingdom.

Test results:

You can see that the new website site loads within two seconds. Despite this, the speed test alone is not sufficient since the site had a traffic volume of 120 page views/day.

BlueHost offers Shared, E-Commerce, VPS, Dedicated, WordPress, and Reseller hosting. As a small E-Commerce website, blogger, coupons website, etc. we need basic plans such as shared hosting.

So Linux or Windows? Which should you choose?

Unix or Windows both are intuitive and easy to use.


It depends upon what you need to do on your site which helps in getting the right hosting plan.

If your website needs security, then Unix is the option.

The Windows hosting is compatible with Microsoft products if your website is designed that way. If you want, PHP to control your website, then you need Unix hosting.

PHP and RAM memory limit

If you go with security and Unix hosting the PHP memory limit should be at least 128Mb. For Online stores WooCommerce enabled websites, the PHP memory limit should be 256Mb.

The PHP value lets you know the dedicated maximum available memory per request to the server.

The more plugins, the more the memory consumption, and you might get a message PHP memory limit needs to be adjusted upwards due to low performance.

But simply upgrading does not assure good health and promise stability to your website.

There are basically two things you can do to improve the performance of your website. Optimize the website for fewer resources per visitor, or else increase the number of server resources.

SEO Google Rankings

Speed is an issue that has long been highlighted by search engines.  According to Google, page experience is now a factor in its seo ranking system as of mid-June 2021.

Additionally, page performance plays an important role in user experience.

Google earlier had stated in 2010 that it takes into account the speed at which a website loads when ranking a website.

You may have an outstanding website with excellent content, but there is an extremely high possibility that it will not be noticed if it is slow.


It doesn’t matter how fast your WordPress hosting is if your site is full of megabyte images, dozens of old plugins, out-of-date themes, and page builder bloat.

You can check the guide to site speed optimization if you’re new to this.

Location of the server

If the majority of your audience is from Australia and your server is located in Utah, USA. Consequently, your site visitors are likely to experience slower load times than if it were hosted on a Sydney-based server.

If you wish to ensure that your site loads rapidly in any country where you might have an audience, you may want to use a CDN such as Cloudflare.

The Server Location

This is something that’s often overlooked. But in general, to make sure that your webhost will be fast for your audience, you should pick a server that’s actually close to your audience’s geographical location.

In other words, don’t host your site on the other side of the globe from your audience just because it’s cheaper.

Site Loading Time

It may take up to 10x longer for a WordPress site hosted on Google Cloud to load over a 3G connection than over a 4G connection. Therefore, local connectivity is also an important factor.

However, by moving your website to a faster host and optimizing it to load more quickly on mobile user devices you can reduce the impact of user connectivity speeds.

How many people do you reach?

To choose the fastest hosting provider, you must first consider the no. of visitors.

Your hosting company should let you know how many visitors it can serve – and whether or not it is capable of accommodating your growth.

A certain amount of server space is allotted to each client in the standard hosting packages. The host might claim that the space is unlimited, but need to check the disclaimer or check what the asterisk sign info says.

If your website is hosted on a shared hosting plan, a large spike in traffic will slow it down. You will experience a complete site crash if the spike is great enough.

Check out some online forums and contact the web host’s support before choosing a web host. See how much traffic the host can handle.

Criteria for Comparison

WordPress hosting comparison should look for the following aspects:

  1. Pricing
  2. Performance
  3. Time-saving
  4. Security
  5. Customer Support

To evaluate a better hosting provider, consider following points:


An uptime of 98% or higher is indicative of a reliable hosting provider who work diligently to keep the websites online.


Most of the support from Hosting providers give email support, chat support. However, if you get a reply within 15-30 mins, it is a good hosting company.


The prices are lowered with the automatic selection of 36 months, 24 months, etc. Also, check what will be the renewal price at the bottom.


Speed is everything! The faster the site, the more traffic, ranking to Google, and the more to your business.

BlueHost’s uptime gives stiff competition to the new cheap hosting providers and its competitors with a very impressive figure of 99.98%.

BlueHost’s figure gives a more challenging uptime with its service and highly rated customer support.

BlueHost hosting plans prices range from:

However, it does not provide Cloud Hosting package. So, how much does bluehost charge to build a website?

Shared Hosting is an affordable, powerful and easy way to build and launch WordPress websites that will impress your visitors.

It works with both the Blueshost Website Builder and Bluehost WordPress, with zero bluehost domain registration cost.

For a startup is a $2.95 BlueHost cost per month shared hosting package (3 years). You’ll get a free domain for your first year and a decent 50 GB SSD storage, BlueHost login webmail.

The best BlueHost plan for an online store is an E-Commerce hosting package backed by the powerful tools of WooCommerce.

You’ll be able to sell unlimited products and installs the Storefront theme automatically.

What else do you get apart from $2.95/month for shared hosting?

  • Free domain 1 year
  • Free SSL, CDN included
  • WordPress auto-installer
  • 50GB SSD storage
  • 24/7 customer support


1.Extras offered

As a first step, once you select a plan, you will be taken to the checkout page; BlueHost automatically sets a 36-month agreement for you.

Here you can select the time periods 12, 24, 36 months of your contract, enter your payment details, and create an account. BlueHost offers a variety of extras for its hosting packages.

If you choose to subscribe for 12 months, the cost rises to $4.95 per month. Another area that can surprise some people is that your contract is billed up-front rather than monthly.

Check the boxes which need to be selected and uncheck which are not required such as backups, domain privacy, etc. You may find a larger bill than you expected as a result of those extra add-ons.

The following extra charges can be found at checkout:

In addition to the hosting plan costs, these extra expenses are added to your bill. Imagine purchasing your favorite vehicle and then paying extra fees for taxes, insurance, registration, additional features, etc. which may increase the budget.

2. SSL Certificates

BlueHost offers a free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate with all hosting packages. SSL security encrypts information traveling from your website to visitors, and is a necessity for any website – without SSL security, site visitors are warned that they are entering an unsecure site.

SSL certificates are absolutely free – it is part of your hosting package. In your plan breakdown, you will see a section titled “Let’s Encrypt SSL,” which is the simplest.

But, if you require a higher level of security, you can purchase a premium SSL certificate, which costs about $49.99/year. And you would also need a dedicated IP address in order to get the premium certificates.

3. Backups: CodeGuard Basic

The CodeGuard product is security and backup solution that automatically performs daily backups for your site. The software monitors for change enables a one-click restore procedure and keeps multiple copies of your backups.

This is a technical and reliable safety net for your website.

Some plans include CodeGuard for free, in which case you can relax, knowing your website is protected.

You will need to purchase CodeGuard as an additional service if your plan does not include this feature.

  1. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

All BlueHost hosting plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with the service, you can request a refund.

Here is a list of what BlueHost guarantees and what does not:

Refunds are available for web hosting costs only and not for other items such as domains or other add-ons.

Therefore, if you cancel your plan within 30 days and have received a free domain name, BlueHost will retain $15.99 of your money.

BlueHost does not issue refunds after 30 days.

5.BlueHost Website Migration Cost

Fortunately, you are now able to migrate your website and files for free.

BlueHost has a dedicated team capable of migrating all of your sites, files, databases, and email accounts to a new server. You can transfer up to five websites and 20 email accounts for $149.99, and 24/7 customer service is provided.

BlueHost’s site transfer service is more affordable than having your website transferred to another host, which would normally cost you $400 or more.

If your business is showing good growth, Bluehost’s VPS and Dedicated Hosting plans are the options to consider. You can utilize faster load times, unmetered bandwidth, and enough storage.

It is like upgrading your Ford to Austin Martin.

If you havent checked my previous post which is best for ecommerce websites, “Ultimate Amazon Affiliate Marketing Guide“.

BlueHost Coupon

Promotional offers are for the initial year only and can get Shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting at a discounted price. Right now the offers and coupons are unavailable due to technicalities.

With BlueHost, you can talk to support 24/7, and BlueHost ranks 1st when compared to the other top 5 competitors.

BlueHost customer service exceeds its expectations, even when compared with the top 5 hosting providers in the market. Only one Hosting provides that kind of support, while others even are not even close enough.

Its knowledge center is in-depth, the customer support is also awesome, and will not get displeased. Both phone and live chat support are available 24/7.

The moment your site exceeds the limits of a single shared server setup; your costs will increase. The consultancy, development, maintenance everything will go for a toss.


Is BlueHost the best for wordpress?

Creating a professionally-looking website is fast and easy with BlueHost’s easy-to-use WordPress website builder.

Is BlueHost good for beginners?

This is the best domain and hosting provider as it is quick, simple, and convenient to manage.

The connection is encrypted to safeguard personal information, e-commerce transactions, and other sensitive data.

What are the BlueHost domain transfer cost?

If a domain has been unlocked and you have provided the appropriate EPP code to the incoming registrar, you can transfer it away from the current registrar for no fee.

What are BlueHost site backup pro cost ?

The free version backs up the data, but users cannot restore databases.

The Pro tools give users the power to restore files quickly, simply, and easily. Both Choice plus (only for 1-year backup) is priced at $6.95/mo., and the Pro hosting package is priced at $13.95/mo. for 3-year deals.

In my opinion, this is too expensive and unnecessary for most users. There are various other plugins or tools available for backup and restore.
What is BlueHost webmail?

A BlueHost mail associated with your domain name not only increases business awareness but also provides credibility. 3 Price tiers follows:

How much does it cost to register a domain?

The domain name registration is free of cost for first year with the hosting plan you choose, while you will have to pay for the renewal after 12 months.

By default, BlueHost offers domain privacy for $11.88 per year – you can deactivate this option by unchecking the box.

What is domain privacy? What is the purpose of this purchase?

Privacy and protection services protect your personal details from appearing on the public register – without them, your name, number, and email address will appear on the WHOIS database.

Therefore, although domain privacy isn’t a necessity, it does protect your information. In addition, it reduces the possibility of receiving spam and allows your site to be scanned for malware and security issues.

How much does BlueHost charge for domain name?

Prices are listed below if you’re getting an add-on domain follows. Also renewal prices may vary.

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How to get BlueHost cheaper?

Right now the offers and coupons are unavailable due to technicalities.

Small businesses and affiliates must pay attention to the quality of hosting they use.

Today, you can buy a whole lot of hosting power for a very low price.

Fast, affordable, and great options for affiliate sites include Siteground, A2hosting, and BlueHost.

I hope this helps a lot, please share, “BlueHost The fastest web host available” those who need this. Thank you for reading the post.


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