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Tranquil Inspired 45 Small Terrace Garden Ideas

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The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “garden” is what image do you have in your mind? Are you inspired in planning a green retreat in your front or yard?

What do you think of a flowerbed next to a lush lawn? And here is something you are doing by planting and also to yourself by reducing carbon emissions.

Let us see some of the great Tranquil Inspired 45 Small Terrace Garden Ideas.


The spring or rainy season is an ideal period to cultivate plants and maintain the garden since trees and plants grow rapidly during this time.

This post is dedicated to the Tranquil Inspired 45 Small Terrace Garden Ideas where we will get to know of different garden ideas, landscapes, and how to plant as many plants as we can within the given space.

Additionally, we will discuss the features of the modern version and explore the options for obtaining these items.

Would you consider adding all of this to your balcony? Why not? The balcony can be transformed into your dream garden by adding railing planters, hanging baskets, standing pots, trellises, and even crates and pallets.

On a balcony garden, you may grow almost anything and everything, provided your plants receive adequate sunlight, water, and care.


Are you ready to construct your own green balcony? Check out these awesome balcony garden ideas as you don your gardening boots, pick up your trowel, and get gardening.

  • Small Balcony Ideas

There is no need to worry if your balcony is small or tight, or simply cannot recreate a full-sized garden. Using these suggestions, you can easily set up a small balcony garden.

There are many reasons why balcony gardens are so popular. Not many people have access to them, yet most people really want them, not only at home. But also in places such as restaurants, cafés, and agencies.

The terrace garden that is located in your apartment can be a relaxing place to unwind and get away from the chaos and routine of your daily life.

In a sense, you have a terrace and a lush area right outside your residence with the luxury of your home furniture. The perfect gift for garden lovers.

For commercial places, a terrace can be a value-added piece that pulls in people or gives clients and workers an area to take a break.

  • Terrace Garden Ideas

If you have your own terrace garden at home in your apartment, it can be a wonderful place to relax and find solitude from the hustle and bustle but still enjoy the comfort of your home decor.

Imagine having a backyard in your apartment and a lawn just steps away. A blessing for garden lovers.

  • Vertical Garden Ideas

How about a vertical garden on your balcony? There is no need for a large yard to cultivate a garden.

You may wish to consider adding more greenery to your balcony if you lack greenery in your life. We will discuss how to make a vertical garden on a balcony in the following article.

Russian kale makes up the midrange, and flowers like sedum and creeping Jenny make up the sides.

Question is Can you grow a vertical garden on your balcony?

  • Think about whether your balcony is the right environment for your vertical garden before researching what plants to grow.
  • It doesn’t matter what size or shape the space is, greenery needs some things to grow. You’ll need to think about these things.
  • It depends on the type and species of your plant how much sunlight it needs. Others thrive in shade, while others thrive in direct sunlight.
  • Wall Garden Ideas

You can also enhance the privacy of your balcony or terrace by building a fence around your rooftop or using the walls of your terrace.

It is also a kind of vertical garden, but you won’t see any hanging plants instead it would be a thick wall of greenery, normally used in restaurants or café, etc. for a chill experience.

But this can be upon your terrace or a big apartment balcony.

  • Deck Floor Garden Ideas

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors? Deck gardens provide privacy, shade, and sunlight. And if you have a style statement or a lifestyle where need to spend some time relaxing after a long day’s work.

Well, the thing is the floor won’t be messy and tiled so nicely that you would not even need to put slippers on.

  • Hanging Pot Ideas

Hanging pots can be placed on any large or small space, such as a wall or window above the ground. Hanging pots are ideal for balcony, indoor as well as outdoor gardening. Purchase here from Amazon

These decorative indoor hanging flower pots lend a unique look to any interior design.

It is easier to maintain baskets that are placed in a shady, less windy area where they require less watering. It is possible to keep such plants indoors.

  • Herb and Vegetable Plantation Ideas

This kind of gardening needs dedication, you need to keep on checking the health and roots of plants. So let’s don the gardening boots, pick up trowels, and get gardening.

So now we know the types of garden which you can set up in your home or a small balcony, let us look into the following Tranquil Inspired 45 Small Terrace Garden Ideas, starting with Balcony Gardens.

Best Balcony Garden Ideas and Designs

Balconies are often overlooked as areas for gardening. Nevertheless, you can easily transform it into a therapeutic and flourishing garden.

On your balcony, grow perennials, ornamental plants, shrubs, trees, etc. As soon as you have chosen your space, don’t hesitate to add a couple of chairs so that you can enjoy a cup of tea, read a book, or take a nap.

The following are a few of the best ideas you can take inspiration from if you are designing a container or setting up vertical balcony garden ideas in your apartment.

Planters that fit on your window balcony garden

Getting the perfect pot is an important step to making a wonderful window. Check the space available and  decide how to get the most of that space.  

Would it be better to line your garden with large rectangular planters? Perhaps there is a better solution to this problem if the garden is artfully scattered in small plots throughout the window?

Small spaces can be maximized by using pots of different sizes and heights as raised beds.

Less is more in a small garden

In a small space, a few large features are better than many small ones. A few large pots will have far greater impact and appear much more stylish than a dozen of smaller pots.

It is better to plant one tree, if it can fit than to plant three shrubs of varying sizes.

Create the atmosphere of a Greek villa on your balcony

Here’s some advice for when you’re on a budget or trying to fit into a smaller, tighter space. Adding color to outdoor doors and shutters is an easy and inexpensive way to brighten and add a contemporary touch to the area. 

Choose a bold color like you would when creating a Mediterranean garden that will draw the eye upwards, making the space feel longer.

Make loads of space for plants by using vertical shelves and shelving units Outdoor accessories (without taking up much floor room) is a great idea, too.

And we LOVE the curtain, strung up to create privacy, shade, and an extra splash of color. Check more here Ikea website, Amazon to purchase.

Small Balcony with small coffee table

A small balcony is only for the couple having coffee in the morning sun, thus creating a desirable leisure space. Get a Beautiful Wooden Antique Folding Side Table from Amazon.

All New Mini Balcony Garden

We recommend this exciting project if you’re interested in renovating your mini balcony as a balcony gardener.

Build a Balcony Jungle

Alternatively, if you prefer greenery, you may want to design a balcony that is jungle-like with large plants that offer privacy.

Balcony Fake Lawn

Would you like a lawn on your balcony? Check here to purchase from Amazon synthetic grass.

Topiary Balcony

Build a topiary garden. Learn the art of topiary or purchase some artificial topiary trees. Get this from Amazon here – Fourwalls Artificial Eucalyptus Topiary Grass Ball.

Balcony Study Room

Reading on your balcony could be the perfect summer activity.

Balcony Railing Planter

Plant holders like this offer the option of placing plant pots vertically on the railing. Purchase Rectangular Railing Planters from Amazon.

Modern Balcony Garden

You can give your balcony garden a totally new look by adding a totally different look. A great idea if you wish to utilize the balcony as a resting area.

Mini Jungle Balcony Garden

Using a combination of various kinds of plants and planters in the house, create a truly cool and stylish corner.

Apartment Balcony Succulent and Cacti Garden

With the help of a metallic stand and window boxes, you can plant your favorite succulents and cacti on your balcony.

Minimalistic Balcony Garden

The simplest way to transform your balcony into a comfortable and relaxing green space is to create this simple, few plants, yet very useful balcony garden. 

Create an extremely stylish, neat, and comfortable corner in the house with a combination.

Best Terrace Garden Ideas and Designs

Terraces have the potential to draw crowds to commercial spaces or provide a place for customers or employees to relax. There is a wide range of privacy panels

The following are the best ideas as you can feel for designing your own terrace or rooftop space.

Privacy Panels for terrace gardens

At home improvement stores throughout the country, a variety of privacy panels are available. Get Privacy curtains from Amazon.

An Asian theme is a great choice for warm and tropical décor, as well as plain metal panels, which can be found on the roof terraces of corporate offices, as well as nightclubs.

Outdoor drapery

You can go one step further by adding some infrastructure to complete the private atmosphere you seek on your terrace.

Typically, restaurants, hotels, and resorts that have outdoor patios, pools, and lounge areas utilize large weather-proof curtains to partition certain spaces and provide additional privacy for their guests. Purchase Water-Repellent Rain Outdoor Eyelet Curtains from Amazon.

Trellises for the terrace

Your outdoor space won’t just look better with a trellis. Additionally, it will enhance the aesthetic appeal of the exterior of your building.

Consider a simple crisscrossed trellis or select a pattern that is unique for a more personalized look. Purchase simple crisscorss Trellise – Amazon.

You should consider modular garden furniture if you have a limited space

Living in a small space has always been safer with modular furniture. What we like so much about the Solleron series is you can really create a shape of a sofa that fits with your space.

There is no limit to how many seats you may choose to build, armrests can be added, corner sections can be added, colors can be chosen, and cushions can be added.

Terrace Gardening walls for Privacy

Another way you can improve the privacy of your deck, terrace, or patio is by bordering it with plant container walls. 

You can easily add a breath of fresh air to your living space by choosing large rectangular plant containers and plant troughs.

Maximize seating space with a garden sofa

The placement of garden furniture in small gardens does not have any hard-and-fast rules.

On the other hand, you should not place heavy, non-portable items centrally, since everyone will inevitably bump into them. 

Instead, opt for a compact coffee table and if you have corner space try to use a corner sofa.

Pergola into a small corner

A small garden is of course not an endless expanse, but defining the decking with a pergola is a good way of enhancing even a corner of a small area.

Having a small but lovely outdoor setting will only require a few fairy lights and a sofa. To make it even more unique and customizable, you could learn how to build a pergola yourself.

Modern Garden in Balcony or Rooftop

Bring your friends and family together on your balcony or rooftop.

Small Corner Rose Garden

Try to install a small corner sofa and put all the rose color plants which you like to create such a balcony rose garden.

Best Vertical Garden Ideas and Designs

It’s important to put your balcony in a friendly environment for a garden, so you can grow a vertical garden there.

An easy vertical garden can be constructed on a balcony with a minimum amount of effort and a maximum return with a vertical stand.

There are a variety of options to choose from, ranging from simple to create, but the outcome is the same – beautiful greenery that is easily accessible. Purchase from Amazon.

Certain Restrictions

Vertical gardens may be prohibited by landlords, or there may be condo rules that apply. Before installing a vertical garden on your balcony, make sure you research the matter and obtain permission.

What are the requirements for setting up a vertical garden on a balcony?

You know that your balcony is the perfect space for a vertical garden after considering the above factors. Here is the perfect time to discuss all of the necessary components for setting up a vertical garden.

Take into consideration the climate

It is important to consider the environment in which your plants will grow. Is the balcony able to receive rain? What is the frequency of rain where you live? In your area, how is the weather?

The location of your vertical garden may need to be adjusted based on the response. You may need less water to water your plants, or you may notice that your plants are overwatered.

The following are the best vertical ideas as your balcony, terrace, or a side wall which is next to your door entrance. Let’s have a look:

A Modern 3 Step Stand for Multiple Plants

Perfect for city people who have balconies, roofs, or terraces as an only outdoor space. It is possible to grow flowers or herbs in containers on the shelf. The staircase stands are also available in wood.

Modern Grill Pot Holder

Just as you’d paint walls in a light color in a small room to make it feel bigger, doing so in a small garden will make it feel larger.

Another small garden idea? Consider mounting your container plants on a garden wall or fence to create an ‘up’ and ‘out’ effect. A wooden plank can be fashioned into a side wall planter that will take up less space on your balcony.

You can make a single grid or multiple grids tied to each other by welding the iron rods or weave them by any other method so that you’ll be able to hang the pots.

You can paint and get a nice wooden background too in different colors.

Balcony Wooden Wall Planters from Pallets

Using wooden planks, you can create a side wall planter for your balcony that’ll take less space.

Best Wall Garden Ideas and Designs

Plants that climb from the ground to the ceiling are an excellent way to take advantage of your garden space and create a stunning natural display.

The following are the best wall ideas for your terrace, large balcony, or wall. Let’s have a look:

Using vine to treat a whole wall or structure

Get Artificial Plants and walls from Amazon.

Painting and planting garden walls and fences

In the same way that you would paint a small room with a light color to make it appear larger, a small garden would also appear larger by doing the same. Purchase Artificial Hedge Green Leaves Trellis – Amazon.

Make the most of your garden space by mounting your containers on a fence or garden wall. You will be able to achieve a stunning effect when you choose trailing plants.

Artificial plants can be used to create a green wall

This is a great Ikea gardening hack if you are not green-fingered or you simply want an all-year-round green wall. Here is one that was created using Ikea’s easy-to-use faux plant wall panels

Balcony Wall Garden

An outdoor space such as this, with storage and a walled garden, is ideal for small, cozy family gatherings. 

Enhance using monochrome for a small garden

And by monochrome we don’t mean black or white; washing your entire small garden in a deep, vibrant color will create a jewel-box effect that’s very attractive, and it’ll distract from the small size of your garden. 

Cheat a tiled floor with printed decking tiles

Balcony flooring has seen better days? Or maybe you just want to go for a different look? Ikea sells decking that just clicks together and covers your patio or balcony floor, it’s literally so easy.

There is something attractive about the patterned tile effects given (above) but there are loads of floor decking options at Ikea so check it out.

Small garden decking with a pergola

A beautiful small garden does not need huge spaces, but how the decking is defined with a pergola explains how it can improve even a single corner of an area.

Put up the fancy lights, add an open-air couch, and now you have produced an attractive background. It is likely to build your own pergola to add even more style and to make sure it is built to your terms. how to build a pergola yourself.

Ensure that your entire tiny garden is surrounded by raised beds
Patio Balcony Garden

A setup like this works equally well on a patio as it does on a balcony. Enjoy time with your loved ones in laid-back chairs and tables.

Charming Balcony Garden

Opt for deck tiles or real wooden flooring on your balcony. Adding gravel and stepping stones can add a more natural touch.

Best Hanging Pot Ideas and Designs

Baskets and containers add a whole new dimension to gardening, allowing you to utilize every square foot. Plants and flowers of all kinds can be grown in hanging baskets.

Choose a location outdoors where the plants receive sufficient sunlight of approximately four to five hours to the hanging pots.

In hanging planters, you can arrange flowering/green plants/drippings.
Let’s have a look:

Gardening with hanging pots

Over the balcony, railing planters are excellent for displaying flowers and herbs and create an attractive focal point. 

An apartment hanging garden

Apartment living requires that you make the most of every square inch, so a vertical hanging garden can provide you with additional planting areas for your urban container garden.

Have a Lot of Hanging Baskets

If you have many hanging basket planters like this in your balcony garden, you can still maintain a sitting area for yourself. Purchase from Amazon.

Best Herb and Vegetable Plantation Ideas

The need for organic gardens are in demand as they are healthy and free of chemicals. Well, the vegetables and herbs plants need to be taken care of and a lot of work follows. You need to keep checking the plants, roots, need to check the water seepage, etc.

If you follow all of this it is nothing better than planting herbs in your own balcony, terrace, or own backyard. Let’s have a look:

Herb and Vegetable Plantation Ideas

An easy way to grow herbs

Vegetable Plantation with raised beds

By establishing a small garden with raised beds – whether you do it yourself or not – you will enhance the outdoor space you already possess.

You can use raised or built-in beds if you have limited space and are uncertain where to place your plants, especially if you blend them into your walls or fences.

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